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    @Sajjad This looks great! Thank you for sharing!

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    Here is a listing of upcoming webinars. Please join us!

    21 APR - Content Specific International Collaborations -Business
    19 MAY - Student Project Review
    16 JUNE - Research and Publishing... getting that COIL article published!
    21 JULY - Content specific- Health Sciences/Nursing

    Here is a link to the whole listing for this Academic Year

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    @MaryGuzzy said in International Education Program for Refugees:

    Hello, I just joined this forum. I am a Professor of Humanities with a specialty in Theatre Arts at Corning Community College. Several years ago I participated in a COIL project in Voice and Movement with a wonderful colleague located in Sydney Australia. We are still in touch! This past summer, as a result of some post-grad research in drama and expressive arts therapy, I went to Samos Greece and worked with refugees and other volunteers offering different methods of psycho-social support. One thing that was very clear to me was the hunger for education the young people in those camps have. There is very little opportunity for them to continue studies that were interrupted when they had to flee their home countries. I would be really interested in exploring with any interested colleagues creating a higher ed program for the thousands of refugees marooned in camps across Greece. I am still in contact with some refugees still, and with volunteers I met from Europe. I am not sure how I might proceed with such an initiative, but I thought that SUNY COIL or Global might be able to help me. Any constructive feedback is appreciated!

    Do you know about Kiron?
    They have open education programs designed for refugees. They have focused on the MENA region but online programs are open to everyone.

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    @MaryGuzzy This sounds like a wonderful program! I will try to get you in contact with a few colleagues of mine that might be interested in partnering and helping you think through this more. I can't wait to see this program come to life! 😊

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