From the article:

"He urges faculty members to take a growth rather than fixed mind-set and for a positive rather than negative attitude about online instruction.

“If presidents, faculty, and staff -- and students -- approach a remote fall term with the attitude that online learning is inherently substandard and no amount of imagination or effort will change that, then the result will either be a poor facsimile of a student experience or no higher education at all until the pandemic has passed,” he writes. “Neither scenario, in terms of school mission, student well-being and mobility, institutional finances, or national fortitude, is a welcome one.”

Instead, "institutional leaders need to find a way to convey a vision for the fall semester that increases student enthusiasm, deepens faculty loyalty, and galvanizes support staff. In extremis, higher education is not defined by buildings, desks, and chairs. If it is then the pandemic will win, and higher education will be bowed."

More practically, the report explores the three major areas it says undergraduates care about: academics, extracurricular activities and social life."