Reflecting on the 2~3 weeks of conducting classes online via ZOOM. Besides points that teachers might spend more time to prepare online class, efforts of switching different screens/ devices (PC/whiteboard ps. still not handy to use), I found:

  • Class Interaction: similar to on-site class, it is often good to engage with students through group discussion or taking poll. For example, in virtual environment, students can be more able to think & decide to vote independently without influenced by others. However, he/she might choose not to voice out any opinion. In group discussion, some design of group work may be difficult to realize in virtual environment. For example, it is required to have real-time collaboration/discussion among different groups.
  • Learner engagement / behaviors: in virtual environment, learners might be distracted by many other stuff unless a proper environment for connection & learning can be guaranteed. More importantly, in one class of presentation skills, I might miss out many details needed for students (e.g., gesture) to deliver a presentation in virtual environment.