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Omni Smart Education in Taipei
Taipei Government
Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei City Government (TCG) is actively developing smart education to put iCampus into practice. iCampus aims to bring up the self-learning capability of students, encourage teachers to apply innovative teaching, and increase the interaction between teachers and parents by utilizing technologies. The 4 missions of iCampus are: 1) Build smart Internet in campus, 2) establish smart future classroom, 3) create digital learning platform, and 4) implement mobile smart learning. Through these missions, TCG aims to integrate diverse services into education and provide omni smart education to teachers, parents and students. TCG is also actively developing smart education to put CooC Cloud.There are currently 6 colleges and universities offering 35 university experience courses, and 13 high schools in 3 counties and cities sharing 12 online courses. It is expected that in 109, 39 high schools across 11 counties and cities will share 25 diversified elective courses. Additionally, starting from 2019, TCG is establishing parent-teacher-student integration platform to provide diverse and customized educational services through cloud data and information integration.

Wenchang Smart Education Initiative
Wenchang Government
Wenchang, Hainan Province, China
With the acceleration of the "Hai Chengwen" integration process, Wenchang's industrial development has increased rapidly, and infrastructure facilities have been accelerated and improved. The city is moving towards building a smart high-tech space city. The project started the smart education project to build a central integrated education center with 6 platforms upon "Cloud + End" solution design. "One center" refers to the Education Operation Support Center which connects the upstreams and downstreams; "End" refers to the construction of applied environment for smart schools and covers all the endpoints of over ~200 schools in Wenchang city. The project will form a new model for smart education in Wenchang city and build a new education trend of "everyone learn, everywhere learn, and always learn". The construction of Wenchang City Education Cloud is a leap in the level of education in Wenchang City, which not only improves the provincial education informatization and balanced development of education, but also greatly improves the level of Wenchang education to reach domestic and international advanced level.