How to Teach Online
Learn how to make online lessons and digital content in this free twelve module course that covers over 50 Ed Tech tools.
Improve your teaching skills and engage your students by using various online or digital tools, most of which are free or freemium.

How the course works!
The course is very easy. On lesson days, you will receive an email explaining a software tool and learn how teachers can use it to make lessons or teach students. Each email has links for free video tutorials.

The course is not time or task intensive. If you have time, you can create some lessons for yourself. If you are busy, just save the email for future reference.

P.U.S.H. Your Lessons
Teachers can learn to produce, use, share and host digital and print lessons online using a variety of free tools. MEELS offers free training for teachers via five email courses, one starting each month.

Create engaging lesson materials using a variety of free tools, both online and as a downloaded software.

Use your content with your students. Notice what works and what needs improvement, and then make necessary improvements on the fly.

Share your lessons with your students, and other teachers and students around the world using a variety of free distribution platforms such as cloud hosting and social media.

Host your lessons and retain ownership of what you create by creating your own library or lesson portal online using free file hosting services and social media platforms.