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The way forward, in part, will demand more collaboration and sharing of a wide array of resources, whether libraries, sports centers, faculty, research centers and so forth. She cited the example of College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University — already sharing the same website and a whole slew of programs — now searching for a single president to helm both institutions. Though in different municipalities, the campuses are 3.2 miles apart.

Indeed, some institutions have already instituted measures to shore themselves up, measures that may bear fruit even in a post-pandemic scenario, Friga said. As examples, Auburn University and Arizona State University are bucking downward enrollment trends, and have, in fact, have experienced a surge. From 57,500 students in 2003, when President Michael Crow took over, enrollment has exceeded 110,000 at Arizona State.

“He does it through inclusion, not exclusion,” said Friga. “Most colleges follow this model of ‘the fewer students we accept, the better we are’ … But Michael Crow’s done this mostly through [increased] online education. He’s acquired Thunderbird [School of Global Management], which had been a private institution. He has multiple campuses. He’s on his way to being a national campus.”