Published every other Friday beginning in mid-April, the Intercultural Learning and Inclusive Teaching for the New Virtual Paradigm (Virtual ICL) webinar series supports faculty and staff at Purdue and beyond by showcasing strategies for inclusion and examples of intercultural learning adapted to the virtual learning environment. The webinar is offered at no cost to participants.

Calendar of Episodes in the Webinar Series
Episode 1: Introduction to the Spring and Summer 2020 Webinar Series
Watch anytime here.
In this introductory episode of the series, the audience is invited to meet the CILMAR staff and learn about what they are most looking forward to in the series.

Links for resources mentioned in this episode are:
Make an account in the Intercultural Learning Hub (HubICL)
Collection of materials from the Study Abroad in Intercultural Learning (SAIL) course
Collection of assessments
Collections of materials adapted for use in distance learning
Virtual intercultural learning research
Distance learning tools
Domestic and international responses to COVID-19
Virtual exchange summer 2020 ideas and resources
On-line intercultural learning curriculum resources
Collaborative on-line intercultural learning (COIL) resources
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Episode 2: Embedding Intercultural Learning into SLHS Study Abroad
Watch May 1, 10am-11:am, presentation and Q&A
Lata Krishnan, PhD, CCC-A, clinical professor in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at Purdue University, describes the development, evolution and outcomes of two service-learning study abroad programs: SLHS in Zambia (2012-2016) and SLHS in India (2017-2019). Details will be shared regarding embedding intercultural learning during planning, developing syllabi and curricular activities, pre-departure preparation, and activities while abroad and upon return. Intercultural learning outcomes data from the programs will also be shared. Dr. Krishnan will also talk about strategies for inclusion and intercultural activities in a virtual learning environment.

Link to watch coming soon.

Coming up next in May
Laura Starr, PhD, on embedding intercultural learning into the science curriculum and her experience of adapting a Spring Break study abroad trip to the distance learning environment required by COVID-19 restrictions

Robert Cox, PhD, on embedding intercultural learning into Technology and the Global Society (TECH330) several years ago and now what it looks like to take the course into the distance learning environment

Learning Outcomes
As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to 1. Apply at least one strategy for inclusion in a virtual learning environment. 2. Structure one intercultural activity in a virtual learning environment.

Participants in the webinar series will therefore make gains in:

Self-efficacy; e.g. confidence in their ability to implement intercultural and inclusive learning modules into their online courses.
Creativity; e.g. ability to take a calculated risk by combining or synthesizing new materials or methods into their teaching.
Leadership; e.g. the ability to serve as a model to their peers by modeling life-long learning in a professional context.