• Maddie.Piffard Maddie.Piffard

    Two things to learn
    Hobby: Learn French

    • Be able to hold basic conversation for 15 minutes by the end of summer 2020

    Hobby 2 (yes, I'm being scandalous hehe): Urban gardening

    • Build/find and set up boxes for my future veggie babies by mid May
    • Have a plan for if not an already growing garden by end of summer (depending on what I can grow over summer???)

    Business: Improve UI/UX skills

    • Complete CalArts Coursera (ends May 20)
    • Be able to apply this knowledge on my current/upcoming work projects

    Hobby: French

    • Camille
    • Manu
    • Beth
    • Kevin
    • Max
    • Carole

    Hobby: Urban Garden

    • Dad
    • Beth
    • Matt
    • Berna

    Business: UI/UX

    • Madalyn
    • Beth
    • (I will reach out to them for more mentors as well)

    Fight for a Cause
    Cause: Empowering children in the community
    Organization(s): Big Brothers Big Sisters (

    • Submit application
    • Find out what I can do remotely to support (even if it's just donating)

    Workout Goals
    Well, I kind of have two things I'd like to accomplish here:

    • Practice yoga regularly (like, have a routine long enough so that it becomes a regular part of my schedule ----- discipline building~)
    • Be able to run a half marathon by September (I'm starting @zero here, so I'm happy just finishing it lol)

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  • Maddie.Piffard Maddie.Piffard

    Identify two things that you would like to learn or improve on, one business and one hobby or interest related.

    Write down what the two things are and share it on this thread along with a sentence or two on why you want to learn those two things + your vision of what success would look like once you learn those two things.

    Hobby: Learn a new Language
    I would be able to hold a conversation with native French speaker for 15 min by January 2021
    Business: Improve UI/UX skills
    Finish a 4 week coursera UI/UX course and use what I learned to create a marketplace homepage.

    After you have identified what you want to learn, put together a list of at least 4 people you could reach out to that know more than you in the specific areas that you are trying to learn.
    Hobby: Learn French.

    • Joris
    • Francois
    • Constant
    • John Baptist
    • Louis

    Business: UI/UX

    • Joshua Porter
    • Whitney Hess
    • Alex Morris
    • Wilson Miner
    • Mike Kus
    • Nick Finck
    • Ryan Singer

    Identify a cause you are passionate about and find out what organization/s are doing the most to help fight for this cause. Then put together a quick plan of action on who you are going to contact to ask if you can volunteer a couple hours a week to help or how you can help them get money.

    Cause: Access to the internet should be treated as a basic human right, so I want to help every American regardless of income, background, or geographical location receive fast and affordable internet.
    I am going to go to and donate 10 dollars this week to the cause. I am also going to contact them through their contact page about becoming a digital equity champion.

    Work out at least 3 times a week.
    Working out can include a number of activities ranging from yoga, running, doing push ups, etc.The challenge is to identify what goal you would like to achieve by working out.

    I want to be able to run a half marathon in under 2 hours by September.

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